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Stage Arrangement

From being responsible for stage construction right from stage designing till its base we are in charge of it all. With our magnificent designs, we make sure that each person in the audience enjoys every bit of the performances.

May it be glorious arid splendid sets based on trusses or designer layouts, innovate new ideation in stage formats, we ensure every artist gets their prominence and the audience is left mesmerized by the grandeur.


Light & Sound

JW Production has experts and experienced staff to handle the console for lights and sound. The lights and sound are like oxygen supply for any event. A continuous supply of lights and sound makes or breaks an event and any kind of tamper with these can lead to huge damage. And hence, we take it seriously.

Having outstanding records for increasing the awe of event JW Production is deep rooted and experienced in light and sound control.


Venue Arrangement

Most of the times, it happens that a show’s grandeur is affected due to unavailability or improper arrangements at the said venue. JW Production takes full responsibility for venue arrangement irrespective of the size of the expected audience. We also look after the seating arrangements to suit the venue and provide creative ways for the artists to interact with the audience. From barricading to effective displays, we ensure the complete hold on the arrangements at the said event.

Our Assets

We also cater to a variety of things you need for your event. Your one stop for all your for event equipment needs. We provide you with good quality modular stage, modular stage, mojo barricading, flex framing, Ms pipe framing, stall design and fabrication, set design and fabrication, leather sofas, cushion and plastic chairs, tables, sound, lights, trussing ( T truss, goal post truss), super structure, octonom stalls and so forth. We assure you the quality of the products and guarantee satisfaction.
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